Because we care. Because we go further.

At WEI, we’re passionate about solving your technology problems and helping you drive your desired business outcomes. We believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently. There are a lot of companies that can take today’s technology and create a great IT solution for you. But we do more. We go further. And we have the customer, vendor and industry awards to prove it. WEI is a premier technology partner, who always puts our customers first while providing the most innovative solutions for over 30 years.

An IT Partnership Built on Collaboration and Trust

For the past 10+ years WEI has partnered with the in-store technology teams at CVS Health to develop technology solutions that solve business challenges and deliver in-store innovations that improve the customer experience. 

Watch the video below to learn why CVS Health partners with WEI, and you will quickly see what makes WEI different.


Business Results

Best IT Business Results Outcomes and ROI The value of technology is in the storage, analysis, and delivery of information to the ultimate users. At WEI we recognize that your…

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Faster Deployment

IT Faster Deployment Rollout Services Our rollout delivery team expedites deployment processes and guarantees measurable quality. Whether you are deploying technology to a few offices—or a few thousand—we can help….

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IT Labs The Optimal Experience WEI has invested in creating several different types of labs within its headquarters. Each of these labs has a unique purpose and are fully outfitted…

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Peace of Mind

We have put together a suite of support services so that you can rest assured we are always there for you.

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Tailored Approach

Tailored Approach Unique Solutions for Unique Needs No two organizations have the same needs or approaches for their IT challenges. WEI tailors custom solutions and processes to best suit individual…

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