B2B Services

B2B Services

Reporting and Operations

From encryption (SSL) to shopping cart software and beyond, WEI engineers are available to help identify any B2B services that need to be integrated into a company’s solution. Different classes of solutions can also be utilized if a company requires both B2C and B2B approaches.

Sizing, selecting, and configuring the best technology for a company is only part of the equation at WEI. WEI wants to not only deliver “what” their client’s want, they want to deliver it “when” their clients want it and “how” they want it, too. For that reason WEI remains committed to investing in operational processes that are customized for a client’s organization. When IT acquisition and adoption are streamlined, a team can focus on more important things…like innovation and tackling the needs of their business units.


Even before the equipment arrives at a client’s location, they will receive constant updates on lead times and milestone dates for their project. Once equipment arrives at WEI’s integration lab the technical staff will build the solution stack exactly to specifications. From the physical layout, to drivers, to firmware and bios, all the way through to exact cabling and labeling, the equipment will be built exactly the way their client wants i. All connected components, including multi-vendor solutions, will be thoroughly tested for interoperability and proper performance. Finally, all serial numbers will be surveyed and recorded with warranty start and end dates for historical reference. This comprehensive procedure is done every time for both small and large orders.


The next step to ensure that their client’s IT acquisition and adoption is seamless and streamlined is to properly communicate all the information they need in a timely fashion. For smaller accounts or individual orders, detailed reports and communications will keep the client constantly briefed on progress from the beginning of the procurement stage all the way through to final shipment. For larger accounts with more frequent orders, customized portals and dashboards are developed which allow for real time accurate views of inventory levels, work in progress, ship times, and tracking information. Individualized reports, developed in collaboration with the client team, will deliver the precise information needed, in exactly the timeframe and method preferred.

Each client gets a dedicated WEI team that will work to discover all the operational efficiencies required to make each project a success from beginning to end.