End User Computing

End User Computing

The name of the game these days is the ability to work from anywhere. Expectations for productive operations are high for any laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone you choose to work with. As employees take charge of a more autonomous experience in the workplace, enterprises must adjust to a workplace environment that has never been more widespread or mobile.

Your organization has the difficult task of meeting end-user needs without violating enterprise security protocols or compromising confidential data. WEI’s experience, strategies, and tools will help you navigate, streamline, and automate your end user computing balancing act. The end result is confidence in your own iron-clad enterprise safeguards and a bevy of satisfied and productive end users.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management (MDM) is a management portal that allows internal IT or outsourced teams to centrally manage and secure mobile devices including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. MDM delivers preconfigured settings that are optimized for each device as well as security policies that deny standard users access to privileged areas of the OS and system applications. MDM also gives support teams the ability to manage internet connected devices that are off-prem.

WEI has expertise with all the major MDMs platforms including Microsoft Intune, VMware Workspace ONE, and Cisco Meraki. Whether you need advisement on selecting a platform or are looking to outsource your MDM services, WEI can help ensure that your users have an optimized device to get their job done.


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is exactly what the name implies. The technology allows organizations to deliver virtual desktop environments to users over a network. While VDI solutions save on hardware costs, they require significant planning and upfront investment. This is where WEI’s experience in planning, designing, and implementing successful VDI projects can help you avoid costly mistakes including:

  • Inaccurate environment sizing that contributes to bottlenecks
  • Potential performance issues, such as boot storms
  • Incorrect architecture or usage of flash technology
  • Overlooked network or storage requirements for VDI

Profile Management

Profile management is a real challenge as users require a consistent experience regarding personal settings, preferences, and data regardless of which device they use. It is also important to establish the right balance between mandatory settings and user personalization so users can work securely. WEI can advise on the technology tools to centrally manage all user profiles to provide end users a seamless device experience.

Apps Anywhere

Imagine a software delivery platform that delivers local and remote users the applications they need without any administrative privileges. It is made possible using virtualization and application streaming technologies, so users have a local experience for their applications running on a remote server. It’s the ultimate in flexibility and agility. WEI has a team of remote app delivery SMEs that design and implement an apps anywhere system that meets specific business objectives.