Modern Workforce

Modern Workforce

While some employees remain fully remote, even more have transitioned into a blend of in-person and virtual work. This means IT support teams everywhere must deliver a streamlined and secure experience for both hybrid and remote workforces. Thankfully, IT leaders can count on WEI to identify which digital tools best facilitate a frictionless experience for those working in the office, at home, or at the café down the street. One login, one password, and one experience is the modern workforce standard.

Modern workforce brings a fundamental shift from on-premise to the cloud so you can holistically deliver any service to your users at any time. WEI will meet the needs of building and sustaining your digital foundation.

Hybrid Environment

With a hybrid environment, you can distribute applications, services, compute, and storage across multiple locations and platforms including both on-prem and multiple public and private clouds. The benefits include greater resiliency, scalability, and performance optimization. Hybrid also comes with greater complexity and an increased risk of vendor lock-in. WEI has a team of hybrid network architects that can provide clarity and help your enterprise avoid costly mistakes.

Remote Environments

While the fully remote work phenomenon continues to wane, it’s safe to say that hybrid work is here to stay. WEI network engineers can align your environment with the right collection of remote access tools and software to fit your business needs. That includes everything from choosing computers with remote support and assist capabilities to creating layered cybersecurity strategies that protect all users.


Regardless of where they work from, your employees depend on a persistent flow of data to drive decision making. This data needs to be aggerated, analyzed, and forwarded to the right system or decision maker in automated fashion. Unfortunately, IoT also increases the exploitable attack surface of your enterprise as most IoT devices lack the necessary built-in security controls to defend against threats. WEI can help your organization leverage the full benefit potential that IoT offers, while providing segmentation strategies and monitoring solutions to properly secure them.

Mobile App Development

There seems to be an app for just about everything. Mobile apps are a great way to interface with customers and retain them. They have a multitude of proven benefits:

  • Increase accessibility to new and existing customers
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction
  • Increasing the efficiency of business transactions and customer contact

WEI mobile app developers can customize an app that aligns with your specific business objectives and supports all major platforms.