Learning to Adapt

The education field, whether K-12 or higher education, private or public, is facing a drastic change in how IT services are consumed. As an IT administrator you face the increasing challenge of creating a completely online community with an environment that stretches from the classroom, throughout the campus, and to the homes of students. And all the while, you have responsibility for student information security, including grades and financial information.

Compounding your challenge is the constant pressure on budget and funding. More needs to be done with less to satisfy deans and boards of educations—not to mention students and parents, and the community in general.

WEI solutions offer the needed technology to create wired and wireless infrastructure, secure and scalable networks, physical and virtual workstations and servers, and private storage with data management throughout.

        • Disaster Recovery Solutions
        • Discount Programs—Wireless Campus and Dorms
        • Portable and Desktop Products
        • Refresh Schedules
        • Responsible Disposal Plans
        • Seasonal Financing
        • Security Solutions
        • Trade-In Programs
        • Virtual Clients
        • Virtual Servers
        • Wired classrooms


Of course, no two organizations have the same requirements.