Additional Services

The Perfect Mix of Services for You

There are different pricing models for managed services. WEI supports at least three different approaches that can be used together or independently:

      • Break/fix means if anything were to break, WEI would fix it.
      • For hardware failures, WEI augments manufacturer warranties.
      • With block of hours for services, WEI offers a best effort SLA to resolve any problems.


B2B Services

From encryption (SSL) to shopping cart software and beyond, WEI engineers are available to help identify any B2B services that need to be integrated into a company’s solution. Different classes…

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Knowledge Transfer & Training

To ensure that a new solution is just right for an organization, WEI engages in customized pre-sales and post-sales technical training. Pre-Sales During the design phase, when the final architecture…

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Once a solution is designed, your organization may require a proof of concept (POC). Budgets, timetables, and careers may be at stake as technologies are chosen and committed to. Proper…

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Project Management

WEI project managers utilize best practices to ensure that project objectives are achieved on time and on budget. The project managers work closely with customers every step of the way…

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