Cybersecurity Solutions

The layers to a viable cyber security solution are many as we are dedicated to three facets of a viable security strategy: Prevention, detection, and response. Our engineers dig deep through the myriad of cybersecurity resources to make sure the solution is not only the right fit for your organization but is an optimized and agile one as well. Whether you are spending too much on cloud security or are focused on the wrong threats within network security our team will assess your current state and identify hidden vulnerabilities.

WEI provides enterprises with increased visibility at all touch points of the IT estate, and that includes at the edge and applications within the data center. From there, our seasoned enterprise cybersecurity specialists develop and implement the best technology required for your most vulnerable areas. This increase in visibility helps identify non-secure areas that went undetected for far too long.

Cloud Security

Your company cannot secure cloud applications using infrastructure controls designed for on-prem enterprise architectures. WEI has cloud security experts that possess the knowledge and advanced skill sets that are singular to cloud security. Our team also understands the challenges of securing the complex hybrid networks of today and advise strategies to ensure that your workloads are secure.

Network Security

Meaningful network security is also about reducing exposure to risks that disrupt business operations, risks that result in costly losses to the organization. Protecting the integrity of your business is job one for WEI because when your network is disrupted, your business is, too.

  • We design a multilayer defense with in-depth strategies defining the boundaries of your various network segments according to function, risk, and role.
  • We create policy-driven gateway segments to filter traffic between those network segments, ensuring that authorized workloads flow freely to their prescribed destinations while containing malicious code to limit exposure to critical infrastructure.
  • We integrate automation and intelligence tools that proactively detect, alert, and remediate threats before they have time to do their purposeful damage.

Endpoint Security

While there’s nothing more basic than securing endpoints, there’s hardly any facet of security more complex. Next-generation endpoint security solutions utilize cloud-based analytics to quickly detect, analyze, block, contain, and remediate malicious code before it fulfills immediate objectives. WEI security professionals can show you the most cost-effective ways to secure your fleet of computing devices so that users can operate safely.

IoT Security

Your environment is only as secure as its weakest link, and that weak point could most likely be your organization’s IoT devices. This includes everything from sensory devices to conference room Smart TVs. Our IoT security SMEs can help you establish three immediate objectives:

  • Establish an inventory system for all IoT devices connected to an enterprise network.
  • Identify which devices are the most vulnerable and gain visibility into the vast amounts of data generated by them.
  • Create a segmentation strategy to isolate IoT devices from your other existing assets to minimize the impact of their communication frameworks and devise a plan of action to secure them.

Application Security

How many business-critical applications does your organization rely on every day? Whether your application resides on prem or in the cloud, you are the security owner and must prevent the unauthorized access of application data. WEI security professionals can review your applications, whether on prem or in the cloud, and recommend best practices to protect them from being compromised.

Identity and Access Management

With passwords so easily compromised, confirming user identify is more important than ever. Enter Identity and Access Management (IAM) – the framework that facilitates management of digital identities, allowing security managers to control who has user access to what.

WEI deploys proven IAM solutions such as Cisco ISE and HPE/Aruba ClearPass to enhance network access control and identity management, all of which work toward the establishment of zero-trust network access. Whether you are looking to implement an MFA system to meet updated compliance regulations or seeking a more streamline way to provision access control, our IAM specialists can devise the right solution to solve your problem at hand.

Risk & Compliance

Being in business naturally creates risk, but so does digitally connecting your organization. How much risk is your company exposed to? What is the risk potential of a simple VPN connection or a web-facing application? These are questions that must be answered to sustainably remain in business today. The incurred impairment of a cybersecurity incident goes far beyond the cost of business disruption and remediation. Companies can incur reputational damage, regulatory fines, litigation costs and ugly forfeiture settlements. WEI risk and compliance specialists can reduce the potential risk factor of your organization so that your company can focus on the needs of your business. We can:

  • Identify, assess, and monitor operational and compliance risks to your enterprise. Establish what your due of care is in the event of a cybersecurity attack.
  • Create a risk framework and methodology to help prioritize which risks to actively manage.
  • Advise on internal controls and policies to ensure your organization remains in accordance with required regulatory compliances.

Disaster Recovery

The nature of a disaster recovery (DR) event does not matter, but how your organization responds does. To ensure a holistic DR response, WEI works closely with its customers to understand their infrastructure and applications by performing a complete Business Impact Assessment and Risk Assessment. Once the environment is understood, our engineers recommend the best backup and replication strategies to provide your organization with a holistic DR solution.


SD-WAN systems provide visibility into all site locations from a central point, alerting suspicious traffic patterns, containing malware outbreaks, and sometimes even remediating them automatically. With more than 4,000 partners and an agnostic approach to your solution needs, our SD-WAN engineers can recommend a system that lowers latency and meets the needs of both your WAN and the organization it serves.


A security information and event management system (SIEM) aggregates information from multiple sources including arrays of disconnected devices from multiple vendors scattered throughout the network. A SIEM provides reporting services that can be presented for compliance and auditing purposes. WEI’s unique approach to procurement services allows us to represent multiple vendors and solution sets to recommend or design a SIEM that works best with your set of security controls and reporting needs.


SOAR leverages the power of intelligent analytics to learn pattern behaviors and predict similar threats that may occur again. It can also collect data from a greater number of source types. By automating the investigation aspect of threat detection, organizations save valuable time, freeing talent from the burdens of reviewing notifications and manual investigative tactics. WEI can assist in automating your security notification system while vastly decreasing response times.


SASE applies a zero-trust security approach to all users whether they are on or off premise. WEI can educate you on this new approach and evaluate whether your organization will benefit from it. WEI also has the experience to provide leadership in implementing it properly across to ensure that your entire IT estate is protected.


If legacy VPN solutions are no longer providing the scalability and security your organization needs, WEI can upgrade your remote access security system to Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). With ZTNA, your team restricts authorized access to specific services or applications using granularly defined control access policies.