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Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The WEI Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CRS) Plan identifies several areas of lasting social and community concern, and sets aggressive goals for progress in those areas. These goals will be monitored and adjusted on an annual basis to reflect achievements in overcoming the plan’s challenges. Areas of focus include: Energy Use and Savings, Environmental Concerns, Health and Safety, Community Outreach, and Fairness in the Workplace. It is the WEI belief that an emphasis on corporate responsibility and sustainability is critical for the long term business success of the company as well as the health and wellbeing of employees, vendors, customers, and the community in general.

Community Outreach

WEI recognizes that a successful business has a significant role in the community.

Charity and Volunteerism—WEI encourages volunteerism and supports many charities. For more than 25 years various charities have been supported including those fighting deadly diseases, hunger, and poverty. WEI conducted a winter food drive which provided more than 3,000 meals for a homeless shelter as well as hundreds of dollars in gift cards. WEI also hosts community leaders at the WEI facility to meet and discuss local issues. In 2014, Maggie Hassan, the New Hampshire governor gave a state of the state speech and answered questions after. Another event briefed local business leaders on the Route 93 expansion project. The WEI annual blood drive is in its fourth year and has been very successful as has annual CPR training and recertification.

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Energy Use and Savings

Information Technology industries typically consume an exorbitant amount of energy—often created by fossil fuels. There are strategies however that can reduce that carbon footprint. The WEI CRS committee has made great inroads in reducing environmental impact by utilizing the following strategies:

Carbon Emissions—WEI utilizes small “sized right” energy efficient delivery vehicles. These vehicles are booked and scheduled for geographical delivery routes that reduce miles driven and fuel consumed. Smaller, full vehicles that maintain a steady speed and GPS assisted delivery routes consume 50% less fuel than larger (mostly empty) delivery trucks that are dispatched for custom deliveries.

Energy Star—WEI selects Original Equipment Manufacturers that have voluntarily adopted Energy Star standards. These standards help to reduce greenhouse gases through commitment to research and development in the areas of energy use reduction and the adoption of new technologies. Additionally, WEI advises and encourages customers regarding the environmental advantages of Energy Star as well as the financial rewards that come from subsidies granted for Energy Star utilization.

HVAC Economizers—A great deal of Datacenter power usage is derived from cooling heat that is created by servers and other hardware. WEI utilizes HVAC economizers which utilize the cool ambient air of the Northeast environment. Smart sensors determine the air temperature and humidity outside the building and draw in air as needed. Every cubic foot of natural air that is brought in from the outside is a cubic foot of air that does not need to be conditioned unnaturally. These strategies reduce Air Conditioning needs by as much as 90% for up to eight months of the year.

LED Lighting—WEI recognizes that LED lighting is groundbreaking technology. While incandescent lights have a life of 800 hours, and fluorescent lights have a life of 10,000 hours, LED lights have an expected lifespan of 60,000 hours—all while using only a fraction of the power of incandescent or fluorescent. WEI is utilizing LED lighting in 100% of our facility, including outdoor lighting, and new lighting purchases will be LED moving forward.

Solar and Wind—The WEI CRS committee has set a goal to explore the use of renewable energy sources such as Solar and Wind. The State of New Hampshire mandates the buyback of energy created outside the normal grid. With a 10KW wind Turbine and several hundred square feet of photoelectric panels, WEI can achieve a carbon footprint of zero during peak hours, and contribute energy back to the grid which reduces fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gases.


WEI shows its commitment to the environment through more than just the reduction in energy use.

Green Areas—WEI’s CRS plan includes a commitment to designate 50% of its total property as Green Space. There are groomed areas established for employee use, and natural areas set aside for wetlands and conservation. Current usage ratios exceed goal plans as WEI’s green areas comprise 72% of available space.

Packaging and Materials—WEI utilizes “green” packaging materials whenever possible. This includes using recycled rolled packing paper instead of Styrofoam products which are bad for the environment both through production and as a waste product. Additionally all cardboard and paper products are reused or recycled. WEI offers removal and recycling of cardboard products to our customers during the delivery process.

Recycling—WEI employees recycle all plastic, glass, and paper products utilizing local single stream recyclers. Single stream recycling has been shown to more than double recycling adoption.

Fairness in the Workplace

WEI is an equal opportunity employer and sets as a goal for itself to exceed federal guidelines for equal opportunities.

Minority Hiring—WEI is itself a Minority Business Enterprise, but also actively engages in the hiring of minority employees. Currently 27% of WEI employees are classified as minority status by the federal government (versus the 2% New Hampshire average).

Women’s Issues—WEI promotes women’s issues and wage equality and set a goal for itself to conduct several engagements around this subject, including a visiting women’s leadership forum and screening of the critically acclaimed “Girl Rising” documentary.

Health and Wellbeing

WEI recognizes that the health and wellbeing of its employees is a key factor for long term sustainability and business success.

Health—WEI has made healthy snacks available in the cafeteria every day and has established a series of trainings and lectures to teach about nutrition and exercise. Additionally, the WEI health insurance plans that are purchased annually provide a subsidy for health club memberships, often covering the entire amount. WEI has also enabled and encouraged on premises health activities such as the newly formed walking club. The committee recommended, and the company funded, an Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED) to be used in the case of a cardiac event.

Safety—WEI has established a Joint Loss Management Committee (Safety Committee) which represents employees from all areas of the company. The Safety Committee meets regularly to discuss routine safety issues such as evacuation routes, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, bending and lifting, and desktop ergonomics. Safety training is mandated on an annual basis for Safe Driving, Bending and Lifting, and Fork Truck Safety. OSHA certificates are issued where applicable. CPR training is offered and paid for by WEI on an annual basis.

Work/Life Balance—WEI adopts a total Personal Time Off plan that does not differentiate the type of time off an employee needs … vacation, sick time, personal day, etc. In this way employees are free to utilize the time in any way that promotes the best work and life balance. Employees are advised and counseled to utilize all of their time in any given year. This promotes balance and reduces stress. The WEI health insurance plan offers mental health benefits including strategies to reduce stress and burn-out. The committee also organizes and executes events throughout the calendar year that are designed to promote breaks from work and a healthy employee. These events include fresh fruit smoothie breaks, healthy lunches with trivia contests, menu tastings, and small parties organized around holidays.


WEI is committed to carrying out its corporate mission in a manner that recognizes and promotes long term responsibility and sustainability. In order to adhere to these commitments, WEI will review all goals and achievements on a regular basis and always maintain aggressively progressive policies regarding Energy and Environment, Health and Wellbeing, and Community Outreach and Workplace Fairness. At WEI social responsibility and sustainability go hand in hand with traditional measures of corporate success. We welcome all feedback at


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