Digital & Edge Aggregation Services

WEI Digital & Edge Aggregation Services

Customers at WEI have put their trust into the hands of our proactive advisors for simplifying what works best for their IT infrastructure and digital transformation journeys. Whether it is public cloud, colocation, connectivity, FinOps, or managed services, WEI can develop a roadmap to get you to your digital transformation goals in a cost effective way.

WEI has long been a strategic go-to advisor and partner in the migration and installation of data centers. We can help you agnostically vet and source the very best technology providers and solutions based on your specific needs, workflow requirements and desired business outcomes.

Solution Brief: Digital & Edge Aggregation Services


Our team maximizes FinOps accountability. We find ways to save you time and money, by project managing installs and decommissions on your behalf. We can even consolidate multiple provider bills into a single monthly invoice. You’re sure to appreciate the ease and efficiency having a single, trusted point of contact overseeing all of the contracts, agreements and commitments from multiple service providers and vendors. We can guide you to new ways of working better, faster and smarter that moves CapEx to OpEx.


  • Help match each of your technology components with an ideally suited co-location provider.
  • For environments totally on-prem, WEI can create a colocation migration strategy that starts with disaster recovery components and moves on towards the long-term goal of locating each technology component in its ideal colocation environment.
  • WEI has access to mainframe migration experts that can analyze your AS/400 systems and come up with a strategy to transfer them to the cloud or appropriate modernized platform.


  • We can oversee the management of your network providers to monitor their performance.
  • Initiate WAN line installations and decommissions in a timely manner.
  • Consolidate billing for all your network providers.
  • Proactively request refunds for circuit disruptions and downtimes.
  • Identify latency points and move critical services and workloads to faster architectures.

Public Cloud

  • Alleviate the confusion of the “as a service” technology offerings in the market today with insightful knowledge.
  • Create a cloud strategy based on business objectives to incorporate the right mix of public and private cloud environments.
  • Match application workloads to the ideal cloud environments to reduce latency and maximize the user experience.
  • Analyze consumption patterns to establish the correct blend of on-demand instances and reserved.
    instances for each cloud presence.

WEI can provide all the project management and coordination for you. And you can count on us for ongoing operational oversight once your of migration solution is in place.