DevOps & Automation

DevOps & Automation

Where do you stand in your DevOps and automation journey? The answer may begin with identifying existing silos between your developers and operations decision makers. WEI’s team of engineers have hands-on experience with solutions powering DevOps, automation, and hybrid cloud environments.

Automating DevOps tasks such as testing, provisioning, configuration management, and monitoring will allow your development teams to speed the deployment of code that is more reliable. WEI has vast experience in automating DevOps practices and can help you create the proper strategies to ensure that you keep pace with the fast-changing dynamics of today’s business and technology environments. 

Container Technology

Modern applications are broken down into microservices and are hosted within container environments. Container orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes offer key advantages over legacy hosting practices such as greater portability, faster deployment, expansive scalability, improved developer productivity, and reduced attack surfaces. WEI can perform an assessment of your existing container architecture or help propose and implement a new solution using proven technologies.

Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) treats infrastructure as software. All core facets of infrastructure management are automated including deployment, updating, and testing. While IaC is new to many organizations, WEI has already worked with many clients to help them adapt to this approach. Advantages include:

  • Automated provisioning that makes it faster and more efficient to deploy applications and services in response to changing business needs
  • Infrastructure that operates with greater consistency and reliability as risk of human error is eliminated
  • Businesses can scale their infrastructure more quickly, spinning up new resources when needed
  • IT teams have tighter version control over infrastructure components

Cloud Management Platforms

A preferred solution to centralized cloud management is a cloud management platform. WEI works with the leading CMP providers, all of which perform automated resource optimization, load balancing, usage tracking, cost analytics, security audits, and compliance reporting.


In many cases, automated pipelines are only considered after the completion of a cloud migration, but the adoption of an automated mindset needs to start prior to the migration. WEI engineers can show what is possible when automation is applied across your DevOps environments and offer multiple options to fit your needs and budget.

Lifecycle Management

Like any on-prem environment, cloud resources such as virtual machines, containers, storage, and networking services must be provisioned, configured, deployed, scaled, and eventually retired. Lifecycle management also includes monitoring and observability efforts to identify bottlenecks and optimize resource utilization. WEI’s lifecycle management specialists can advise on how to maximize resource utilization and ROI concerning your cloud assets.