Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

To WEI, cloud solutions means a lot of things. Ultimately, we organize our agnostic cloud solutions by cloud management platforms, lifecycle management, apps anywhere, and infrastructure. To some, the value for cloud-based models is in the management flexibility. To others, it is a financial model. Still, others value the quick provisioning and time to market. Some companies are concerned about the lack of control and security in cloud-based IT service delivery, and therefore value private and hybrid cloud solutions more than a public cloud model.

The perfect fit is different for every enterprise. Whatever the organizational or technology preference toward cloud services, WEI’s cloud solutions will establish the best strategies, technologies, and policies for an optimized cloud plan that not only works today, but well into the future.

Cloud Computing

IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS, our team can help you match the right cloud computing service model to fit your needs. Our proven cloud computing solutions reduce and stabilize costs, reduce deployment times, increase agility and scalability, provide access to better backup and disaster recovery methods, and improve manageability and data security.

Cost Optimization

Cloud resource waste is prevalent in most cloud environments. WEI cloud engineers can evaluate your cloud workloads, usage, and costs to attain greater cloud spend optimization while meeting all mission objectives.

Best Practices

Best practices for cloud computing are always evolving when it comes to implementing, maintaining, supporting, and securing it. At WEI, we can help assess your current and future states to ensure organizational readiness, reduce risk exposure, lower costs, and increase opportunities for success.

Lifecycle Management

Cloud lifecycle management begins with identifying a cloud business case. Next is the process of defining each component such as computing, storage, networking, and security begins. Once deployed, the management cycle enters the next phase of testing and analytics to ensure that the implementation is attaining the initial performance objectives. From there, our team will optimize the monetization potential of your cloud environment.

Application Development

While WEI is known for helping businesses evaluate, plan, and deploy commercial software, we also have customized software capabilities. For us, application development starts by interviewing the management, staff, and key stakeholders that will be using your proposed application. We’re also there during the post development process to ensure the application fulfills all objectives.

Cloud Migration

Our team is here to assist and bypass the learning curves that commonly plague cloud migrations. Repetition is the mother of learning and our dedicated experts can get your migration project completed on time and on budget.