Knowledge Transfer & Training

Knowledge Transfer & Training

Pre-Sales and Post-Sales

To ensure that a new solution is just right for an organization, WEI engages in customized pre-sales and post-sales technical training.


During the design phase, when the final architecture of the solution is still being determined, it is very often necessary to conduct briefings for different stakeholders on the IT team. This may involve trainings for individual components, software used, management consoles, or user interfaces. In this way the team can learn more about the solutions being considered, and a perfect fit can be selected based on the proficiencies and preferences of the ultimate support team.


Once a solution is selected and delivered, WEI does not consider the engagement to be over until their client is perfectly comfortable with all aspects of the operation of the technology, and how it fits into their environment. Subject matter experts will conduct Knowledge Transfer sessions at WEI’s Knowledge Transfer Center, or at the client facility, with the goal of streamlining the deployment process and decreasing time to market (TTM).