IT Solutions for the Financial Industry

When it comes to IT solutions for the financial industry, information is not only a business resource, but also the product. The collection, analysis, and redistribution of processed information comprise the foundation that financial advisors and investment professionals rely on to earn the trust and confidence of their clients. WEI offers a wide variety of technology solutions to help you collect, analyze, store and deliver information to business managers and clients.

“Thanks to the nimble assistance of WEI we were able to deliver our new service on-time and on-budget with technology that will generate lasting savings.”

John Nolan, Network Operation Manager, Middlesex Savings Bank


Fast and secure transactional processing has a direct effect on the bottom line. WEI technology allows you to automate safe and convenient processes that streamline your operations in and out of the data center. From client engagement, to order processing, to reporting, productivity goes up while costs go down.


In an era of wireless connectivity, portable products, and remote workers, information security is a primary concern of CIOs. WEI enables security solutions focused on client accommodation, compliance, and protection of critical business data.

Time to Market

When dealing with personal or corporate financial information, the environment and circumstances are continuously changing. New initiatives with time-sensitive deployment dates are commonplace in the fields of fraud prevention, data protection, regulatory compliance, and client engagement. WEI provides time-to-market solutions that enable your business units to deliver the results that clients expect.