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The way we see it, every engagement is an opportunity to measurably improve your business by delivering leading-edge technology solutions that other IT vendors simply do not offer. WEI works closely with clients to integrate a custom-tailored corporate strategy where new technologies are at the forefront. Our expanding portfolio of earned technology certifications ensures that our potent engineering team will solve your technology challenges while keeping your business values front and center.

While our scope of services and solutions may change, we continue to invest in customer success with an unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction. With a focus on quality over quantity, WEI routinely designs and builds successful, multi-platform solutions for medium and large enterprises.

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Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions To WEI, cloud solutions means a lot of things. Ultimately, we organize our agnostic cloud solutions by cloud management platforms, lifecycle management, apps anywhere, and infrastructure. To some,…

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The layers to a viable cyber security solution are many as we are dedicated to three facets of a complete security strategy: Prevention, detection, and response. Our engineers dig deep…

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DevOps & Automation

DevOps & Automation Where do you stand in your DevOps and automation journey? The answer may begin with identifying existing silos between your developers and operations decision makers. WEI’s team…

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Network Solutions In today’s enterprise, the network not only provides connectivity but also enables a competitive advantage if successfully deployed with today’s data center technologies. It also allows customers and…

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Modern Workforce

Modern Workforce While some employees remain fully remote, even more have transitioned into a blend of in-person and virtual work. This means IT support teams everywhere must deliver a streamlined…

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End User Computing

End User Computing The name of the game these days is the ability to work from anywhere. Expectations for productive operations are high for any laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone…

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IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure Solutions Flexibility is everything when it comes to modernizing enterprise infrastructure. In a software-defined world, your enterprise environment must be fully realized for storage, networks, and data centers….

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Performance & Cost Analytics

Performance & Cost Analytics Solutions With accurate data, an enterprise’s true potential can be identified and realized. For our team to guide your enterprise to long term success, uncovering this…

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Digital & Edge Aggregation Services

WEI Digital & Edge Aggregation Services Customers at WEI have put their trust into the hands of our proactive advisors for simplifying what works best for their IT infrastructure and…

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