Network Solutions

In today’s enterprise, the network not only provides connectivity but also enables a competitive advantage if successfully deployed with today’s data center technologies. It also allows customers and employees to access the enterprise from anywhere, anytime while providing better automation and security through software-defined hardware.

WEI provides a holistic and software defined approach to networking by providing solutions for the data center, campus, mobility, and WAN. Evolving business requirements and the increasing need for more bandwidth, security and automation necessitates that businesses periodically evaluate their current network infrastructure and requires continuous optimization to meet those needs. WEI helps customers understand these issues by performing specific and overall network assessments.

Network Infrastructure

Because WEI is vendor agnostic, we offer and support switches, routers, firewall, and network appliances from all network vendors. We also have personnel teams that specialize in these solutions, which means we can assist in getting the right equipment in place. For companies that consume their network infrastructure using the flexibility of an OpEx subscription, we also work with the major NaaS providers. This new model of network consumption gives you greater agility for both working capital and IT personnel.

Network Access

Whether wired or wireless, it is imperative to keep unauthorized and non-compliant machines at bay. WEI deploys proven solutions to enhance network access control and identity management. Network access, however, doesn’t end at the network connection phase. Network access policies help enforce the principle of least privilege by preventing users from prying into restricted areas. WEI can advise on remote network access solutions that enforce the same stringent access requirements for remote and hybrid users.


Users, applications, and data are now dispersed across wide geographical areas. SD-WAN can unify multiple WAN links into a single logical network that dynamically shares bandwidth across multiple connection points. SD-WAN appliances at each site enforces policy-based routing to steer traffic to the best available transport, whether it be MPLS, cable, xDSL or 5G/LTE. WEI can help you choose the right SD-WAN solution for your environment and our SD-WAN SMEs can assist in all phases of the implementation.

Data Center Networking

While the data center may not serve as the sole provider of a company’s IT services today, it is still the nucleus of your enterprise. Whether you are building a new facility from the ground up or migrating, moving, or consolidating your existing data center, WEI has the extensive experience to help you design, architect, and deploy a data center that will meet the current and future needs of your business. We can show you how a software defined data center can reduce costs, increase agility, and speed up IT service deliveries. We can introduce the latest intention-based networking solutions that integrate automated intelligence, analytics, and orchestration that can collectively translate business intent into policies applied across the data center.

Campus Networking

Today’s campus networks must provide multitenant capabilities and seamless transport of networks from one end of the campus to the other, leveraging technologies such as EVPN and VXLAN. Enterprises are also utilizing 5G technology and cloud-based management to rapidly expand their campuses and connect remote workspaces. WEI remains on the cutting edge of these network technologies to deliver the solutions required to meet business.