Our Partner Philosophy

WEI partners with large industry leaders as well as smaller emerging technology companies to give you the best access possible to custom designed solutions.

We know that in order to maintain a consistent but innovative IT environment, you insist on the best technology available today. No single manufacturer can offer all that you require. Access to that technology can only be achieved through maintaining relationships with, and testing the products of, large established industry leaders as well as smaller emerging technology companies.

At WEI, our simple philosophy is to maintain relationships with a core group of best-in-breed manufacturers, while at the same time rounding out our partner set with companies our engineers and channel staff have gained confidence in from a product and support perspective. No trendy or flashy products with limited support or market presence are accepted. Companies with uncertain financial stability are also disqualified as we know you, like us, are only interested in investing in sustainable, long-term technology.

Once companies are selected and their technology adopted into our product set, WEI sales and technical staff endeavor to reach the highest levels of certification available. Only in this way can we deliver the maximum support, discount level, and knowledge transfer.

Partner Criteria Summary:

      • Best-in-breed solutions
      • Financially stable
      • Innovative emerging technologies
      • Investment in research and development
      • Strong support organization
      • Sustainable long-term viability


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