Become Efficient, Innovative, Compliant

Federal, state, EU, HIPAA, and Joint Commission regulations have conspired to create a complex IT environment for the healthcare industry. Organizations must continuously balance their mission of quality patient care with compliance standards that are constantly changing and increasingly scrutinized. WEI provides the technology and expertise to help you create an adaptive infrastructure to meet your organizational goals.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

$20 billion dollars in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) stimulus was made available in 2011 for those showing effective use of EMR. And Medicare and Medicaid penalties for not instituting EMR began in 2015. In addition to those incentives, EMR initiatives increase efficiency and productivity while mitigating risk associated with paper files. WEI will work with you to design, scale, and integrate the technology you need to fully adopt EMR strategies.

Regulation and Compliance

Government and private payer standards have created a daunting task for IT professionals: how to stay innovative and efficient while remaining compliant with multiple regulations.

WEI offers technology solutions to assist with:

      • Backup and recovery
      • Business continuity
      • Health Information Exchange (HIE)
      • Protected Health Information (PHI)
      • Records management
      • Storage, replication, and archiving
      • Telecommuters and eWorkers



Electronic Health Records (EHR) containing genetic and social information require strict privacy and security standards. Human error, production environments, backup systems, portable products, networks, and third party service providers are all possible sources of a security breach. WEI offers physical and virtual storage, as well as file solutions, based on authentication and policy-based access protocols. Privacy and security are maintained while still providing shared clinical data to caregivers and researchers authorized to view it.

Storage, Replication, Archiving, and Backup

The ability to pull archived records for authorized caregivers improves clinical workflow, medical knowledge, and collaboration between departments. Policy-based rules for retention and deletion of patient information, images, research data, and files can decrease assets used and save budgetary funds. WEI offers hardware and software-based storage solutions to scale precisely to your specific needs.

Time to Treatment

Shortening the time to implement a new initiative in the business world means extra profit. In the world of healthcare it’s a matter of life and death. Converged Infrastructure and Adaptive Infrastructure solutions can lower time to market, or in this case time to treatment, from weeks to just minutes. Using virtualized scalable servers in conjunction with virtualized storage, virtualized I/O, and intuitive management software, templates can be created to provision for new initiatives and allocate the resources needed in a matter of minutes.