President’s Letter

Belisario Rosas, President

Letter From Our President

At WEI, our success has always been measured by the success of our clients. For more than 30 years, our focus has been on meeting the expectations and achieving the goals of the individuals and organizations that we work with. We’ve stayed true to that ideal, and I’m proud to say we’ve witnessed tremendous success among our client organizations.

Every day, IT executives and professionals are being asked to do more with less. Technology choices increasingly face new scrutiny as decision makers are being held to a higher standard for both budget accountability and tangible business results. Quick return on investment and low total cost of ownership are now essential components in the decision-making process. These conditions magnify the importance of a collaborative business relationship, designed to save money, increase revenue, and
mitigate risk.

Considering this environment, I want to take this opportunity to state on behalf of the entire WEI team that we have committed our efforts to ensure that you achieve your personal, professional, and organizational goals.

From solution design all the way through implementation, the sales and technical staff will remain focused on providing unwavering support to you and your team … without exception. We’re your technology partner, and we’re with you … every step of the way!

Warmest regards,

Belisario Rosas
President and Founder


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