Local Support

Local Support

Think Globally, Act Locally

What does “conducting business locally” mean to you? A sense of community? Employment for your friends and family? Meeting vendors in person? Supporting the local economy?

WEI agrees with all those concepts but, ultimately, what the phrase means to us is that we value a real ability to deliver value to our clients who trust us, every day.

24-Hour Service—Being local enables us to afford the offer of 24-hour service. Late in the day, after hours, middle of the night, or weekends and holidays, WEI staff can be reached for emergency assistance and spares fulfillment. No contract necessary.

A Face with the Name—Local service extends to the sales and engineering teams as well. Complex solutions require trust and collaboration. WEI sales and engineering personnel consider it part of the “WEI way” to meet frequently with clients and prospects at our place, your place, or at one of the many events scheduled throughout the year.

Custom Packaging and Delivery—Vendors always getting your deliveries wrong or missing your delivery expectations? WEI delivers every day throughout the New England area in its own fleet of delivery vehicles. If you have special circumstances involved with your delivery—no dock, specific or limited hours, contact requirements, limits on size, stairs, or prohibited packaging—WEI delivery personnel will make note and fulfill your requirements correctly every time.

Seminars and Events—Webinars are nice and WEI uses them, but nothing beats a live seminar to get all your questions answered. Employing the WEI Knowledge Transfer Center, Proof of Concept Lab, or Demo Room, the engineering team at WEI schedules informative events throughout the year. Further customer appreciation and collaboration events are held at Red Sox, Patriot, Celtics, and Bruins games, as well as at concerts, fishing boats, roadshows, restaurants and golf courses.

Spares Fulfillment and First Line of Defense—A service contract with a major manufacturer is usually a necessary expense, but still has service windows and response times that very often don’t match the urgency of your outage. WEI maintains a vast warehouse of hot spares and usually has what you need on the shelf. Our delivery vehicles and trained staff can many times have you up and running before you hear back from the contract holder. Our staff can then help launch the service ticket, and the spare from our stock will be replaced by the manufacturer in a few days—with no expense to you.