Integration & Testing

Integration & Testing Lab

Getting It Right the First Time … Every Time

The Integration and Testing Lab at WEI helps to keep your costs down in several quantifiable ways. The best practices employed in the lab reduce your DOA percentage, decrease your revision/version management, and help to keep track of the ever-increasing complexity of a typical solution. A few of the processes performed include:

Original Research for the Pre-Sales Process—Best practices for CPU, memory, I/O, and all facets of the configuration and design process are researched and tested and communicated to clients.

Pre-shipping Testing—Equipment is unpacked, integrated, and tested again in its entirety as the working solution you requested. In this way there is no chance of a DOA situation and the subsequent delays for your project that would follow.

Equipment Audit and Survey—Before shipping, all the components of your solution are audited for the latest revisions, versions, and their serial numbers. The revision matrix is coordinated and updated to reflect the manufacturer’s best practices. This eliminates costly headaches and service calls in the future.

Shipping/Delivery—State of the art processes are employed throughout the final delivery process. WEI utilizes the best materials available to ensure the equipment arrives working and with no cosmetic damage. A fleet of vehicles and trained personnel conduct all local deliveries, and tracking is provided proactively to make the procurement process that much easier.

Quicker times to market, a smoother acquisition process and properly designed solutions delivered on-time and safely are all part of the WEI value you can expect with every project.