The Optimal Experience

WEI has invested in creating several different types of labs within its headquarters. Each of these labs has a unique purpose and are fully outfitted with the best equipment. These labs are all designed to optimize the customers experience with WEI.


When deciding on your next IT equipment purchase, evaluate the hardware firsthand. At the WEI Demo Lab you can judge the performance, features, size, and general design of a wide…

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Integration & Testing

The Integration and Testing Lab at WEI helps to keep your costs down in several quantifiable ways. The best practices employed in the lab reduce your DOA percentage, decrease your…

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Proof of Concept

Once a solution is designed, your organization may require a proof of concept (POC). Budgets, timetables, and careers may be at stake as technologies are chosen and committed to. Proper…

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You make technology decisions the same way you would make any decision … based on the information that’s available to you. The problem with this, however, is trusting the source…

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