Research Lab

Independent Research You Can Trust

You make technology decisions the same way you would make any decision … based on the information that’s available to you. The problem with this, however, is trusting the source of the information. So often the data available in publications, and on the web, is based on information provided by the manufacturer.

WEI research lab casts a skeptical eye on the claims of manufacturers, and independently researches and lab tests many of the conclusions they have published. Claims that are tested may concern performance, return on investment, ease of use, power consumption, reliability, functionality, and best practices.

All this data, confirming or refuting the published claims, is shared with you so that you can better formulate strategies and tactics. Our recommendations, suggestions, and guidance are based on what we learn in our own labs. Very often published reports are corroborated, but very often they are not … or we find that the savings, or value, or worth of a particular process or product are overblown and that the technology is not worth the extra time or money. Practical use and real-life value are what is most often tested in the labs.

Look for new white papers and tech alerts coming out all the time.