Vulnerability, Asset & Attack Surface Management You can't monitor security blind spots if you can't find them. TALK TO WEI
Vulnerability, Asset & Attack Surface Management

Vulnerability Management

Continuous and often automated, a robust vulnerability management process will identify, assess, and address any security weakness within an organization’s computer systems, networks, and applications. WEI’s helps enable security teams to remain a step ahead of threat actors as our proven practice is designed to remediate such threats before exploitation occurs.

Asset Management

You cannot protect what you don’t know is there, which makes it critical to identify each of your organization’s cyber-enabled technologies. After your assets have been identified, our team can assist in ongoing monitoring as additions, subtractions, and changes to your technology are inevitable.

Attack Surface Management

IT security leaders have their hands full manually tracking assets between multi, private, and public clouds, inheriting assets via mergers and acquisitions, and access from supply chain partners and remote workers. Our team is ready to step in to assist with discovery, mapping, context, and prioritization, and remediation.

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