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Identity & Access Management

A centralized IAM strategy effectively addresses authentication concerns in the new norm of work from anywhere, siloed hybrid environments, and fragmented user experiences. Ultimately, WEI’s IAM solutions can enable your organization’s hosted applications to be made available to employees from anywhere, reduce IT workload, and simplify licensing with no hidden costs. Whether it is for in the cloud or on-prem, our forward-thinking approach enhances network access control and identity management, all of which work toward the establishment of zero-trust network access. All information is aggregated for consumption by your firewalls to enforce granular secure policies based on user identify. Authentication methods our solution supports includes SAML, Oauth, RADIUS, LDAP, TACACS and MFA.

Digital Access Management

Focuses on controlling and managing user access to digital resources and services using authentication, authorization, and auditing to prevent unauthorized access, mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

Digital Identity Management

Simplify identity governance with scalable cloud-based identity management and authentication services that includes SSO, MFA, and user lifecycle management to enhance security and achieve compliance.


Implement scalable cloud-based authentication and identity management services that offer SSO, MFA, and user lifecycle management to simplify identity governance and enhance security and compliance.

Identity Governance & Admin

What is your enterprise doing to manage digital identities and access rights across an organization by employing policies and procedures to ensure that users have appropriate access to resources?

Network & User Identity Authentication

Consistently verify users before granting access to network resources using security measures such as passwords, security tokens, and biometric scans – all supported by MFA for an additional layer of security.

OTP Software Token

This security mechanism generates a unique, single-use password or code that adds an extra layer of security for your enterprise beyond traditional passwords to fortify user authentication and safeguard access.

Public Key Infrastructure

Exercise this framework to manage digital certificates and public-key encryption to ensure secure electronic communication and data transfer for online banking, confidential communication, and secure email.

Privileged Access Management

Effectively secure, manage, and monitor privileged accounts and access across an organization's IT environment to control and audit privileged user activities. Only authorized individuals should have access to your data.

SSO, Adaptive, Passwordless & MFA

Simplify user access across multiple services, adjust security levels based on context, enhance security by eliminating passwords, and add extra layers of verification with MFA.

Token Cloud Management

Centrally control and secure cryptographic tokens in the cloud, including issuance, storage, access control, and revocation to ensure efficient handling of authentication and authorization tokens for security.

User Rights & Access Reviews

Institute periodic assessments of user permissions and privileges within an organization's systems to ensure users have appropriate access levels, reducing security risks and maintain compliance with policies.


Implement a security framework that verifies and grants access to users and devices on a "need-to-know" and "least privilege" basis for decentralized and cloud-centric environments, regardless of their location.

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