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Cloud Security

As more workloads migrate to the cloud, organizations are selecting the cloud platform that best fits each project. This multi-cloud proliferation has expanded the attack surface of most organizations as many security leaders are managing a hybrid cloud or multi-hybrid cloud environment. Wherever you are in the cloud journey, our experts will craft a custom-tailored security solution that focuses on the present while keeping the future at top of mind. With a thorough cloud security assessment, our team will identify all areas of the cloud — even the hidden ones — to enable full visibility for improved detection and response.


CASB serves as an intermediary that monitors activity and enforces security policies between cloud service users and cloud applications to ensure compliance, prevent data leaks and protect against threats.


Focus on managing identities and access privileges in cloud environments by enforcing least-privilege policies to minimize the risk of enterprise data breaches and ensure cloud compliance.

Cloud Compliance

Enable your organization to better adhere to regulatory standards, industry best practices, legal requirements, and internal policies for cloud environments to safeguard sensitive data and align with industry norms.

Cloud Security Assessment

WEI can effectively evaluate an organization's cloud infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities, ensure compliance with security standards, and optimize protection measures against cyber threats, enhancing cloud security posture.


Consolidate CSPM, CWPP and CIEM to help your IT team build, deploy, and continuously run secure cloud native applications.


Monitor and manage the security posture of your cloud environments to detect misconfigurations, enforce security best practices, and prevent data breaches through greater visibility.


Safeguard cloud-based workloads that includes virtual machines and containers across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments to protect your organization against threats and ensure full system integrity.


We can help you identify vulnerabilities within a software application’s source code to detect flaws that could eventually lead to security breaches, such as injection attacks or data leaks.


Invest in a security framework that consolidates multiple security services such as SWG, ZTNA, and DLP into a unified, cloud-native platform to ensure secure access to web and cloud services and protect sensitive data.

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