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Email Security

As a vital part to our professional operations, email also exists as common penetration point for threat actors. With one click, the most experienced of employees can unknowingly download infected files while falling victim to a clever phishing scam. Similar to locks on your enterprise’s front door, AI-powered email security detection is a required piece to any established cybersecurity practice. Gaining real-time insight into your organization’s email attack surface enables security teams to better understand current risks and respond and remediate to threats faster – no matter how large or complex the email environment is.

Brand Protection

Protect your company's reputation and customer trust by preventing unauthorized use of its brand in email communications involving the misuse of the company’s brand name, logos, or trademarks.

Cloud App Security Broker

Monitor and control email traffic, enforce security policies, prevent data leaks, and protect against threats by identifying risky email activities and unauthorized access to business-critical email accounts.


Collectively bolster email security by authenticating sender identities and preventing email spoofing by validating sender IP addresses and adding a digital signature to emails that ensure content integrity.

Email Fraud Defense

The next-step security measures to protect your organization from phishing, BEC attacks, and deceptive emails by employing advanced algorithms and pattern recognition. Better scrutinize email headers, content, and sender reputation.

Insider Risk Protection

Focus on safeguarding an organization from threats posed by its own employees, associates or stakeholders by monitoring user behavior, access patterns and data usage involving critical systems, and assets.

Security Awareness Training

Continually educate your employees about cybersecurity best practices, potential everyday threats they may encounter and the importance of adhering to company policies to foster a culture of security mindfulness.

Targeted Attack Protection

Increase your focus on defending against highly targeted cyberattacks like spear-phishing by using advanced detection techniques and threat intelligence to identify and block email threats a traditional filter could miss.

Threat Response Auto Pull

Automate retrieval and remove malicious emails from user inboxes after they have been delivered by retroactively pulling them from affected mailboxes before doing further damage to your organization.

URL Filtering

Block access to potentially harmful websites by analyzing and categorizing web URLs to safeguard network integrity Reduce the risk of cyber threats, and ensure compliance with your enterprise’s internet usage policies.

Web Security

Implement a layer of security that is solely dedicated to protecting users and internal systems from cyber threats that are encountered online such as malware or phishing. Maintain the confidentiality of secure web transactions.

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