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Security Operations Center

Protect your organization with a modern SOC that will greatly improve your ability to detect, respond, and prevent advanced threats and threat actors. Ensure you have an advanced SOC solution that has the ability to scale at anytime, to effectively detect and respond to cyber events that can cripple an organization. Whether your security team is building their SOC, needing a lift with their existing SOC, or looking to implement a next-generation SOC – they can rely on WEI to deliver a solution that drastically improves MTTD and MTTR. A cloud-delivered integrated SOC platform featuring automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) are elements that can help ensure your SOC gives your security analysts the solutions they need.

Modern SOC Solutions

Consolidate security data from multiple network sources, enabling central teams to perform real-time
monitoring, issue alerts, and generate reports for effective network management.


Enhance cybersecurity efficiency by integrating diverse security tools and automating responses to
threats. Achieve the streamlined threat management and incident resolution your enterprise needs.

Endpoint Security

Safeguard network-connected devices including computers, mobile phones, and servers from complex
cyber threats. Deploy software to detect, prevent, and respond to malicious activities and vulnerabilities
on such devices.

Threat Detection & Response

Continuously monitor and analyze vast amounts of network activity to identify suspicious traffic or
behavior anomalies using AI-driven solutions for rapid response and remediation to security threats.

Threat Hunting

Proactively search for hidden cyber threats in a network by analyzing traffic patterns, suspicious user behavior and anomalies to uncover advanced threats and strengthening the security posture to combat them.


Identify outsourced cybersecurity management that best provides continuous monitoring, threat detection, and response services to reduce the need for in-house security infrastructure and expertise. We can get you started.

Security Analytics

Collect, analyze, and leverage data from various network sources to effectively detect and respond to
security threats by applying advanced analytical techniques to identify abnormal patterns and potential

Incident Response

How organized is your organization's approach to addressing and managing the aftermath of a
security breach or cyberattack? Limit disruption to operations, reduce recovery time, and
perform post incident analysis.

Threat Intelligence

Analyze and interpret information about existing or emerging cyber threats and vulnerabilities in the form of actionable insights to enable better defensive strategies to combat known or existing threats.


Leverage advanced analytical tools to identify abnormal behavior or anomalies in user and entity activities to proactively identify insider threats, compromised accounts, and malicious attacks.

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