Professional Services

Detailed execution from consultation to implementation.

Companies require a partner to not only provide the best of cutting edge solutions but also the services to implement them and keep them running. From assessment all the way through fine tuning and adoption into production, WEI offers services to help projects go smoothly.


You need to keep up with the latest technology and trends. WEI maintains relationships with the finest technology companies in the business and offers consultations to keep you up-to-date. Additionally, WEI labs independently test manufacturer claims and performance numbers and utilize that information in recommendations and product guidance. Objectives of an initial consultation include:

      • Meet personnel involved
      • Discuss current environment
      • Discuss business results desired
      • Set parameters for success
      • Establish timeline
      • Establish loose scope of work


WEI can perform a site and environment assessment to help a company determine the best plan for their evolving technology needs. From power infrastructure, to space, to multi-vendor platforms, WEI engineers will deliver back a report that analyzes and recommends an array of the best choices. During assessment, we:

      • Evaluate the current technology environment
      • Review power and infrastructure
      • Conduct a site visit if needed
      • Conduct a Q&A session

Architecture Design

WEI maintains partnerships with the world’s IT market leaders, as well as the most respected emerging technology companies. Using this strategy leverages the best of both worlds and allows WEI engineers to collaborate with their clients to produce customized scalable platforms that will perform for years to come. Including WEI early in the strategic architecture and design phases of IT lifecycle decisions is a winning strategy and it comes at no cost. WEI offers this service free as part of the value that WEI offers every day. Details include:

      • Size and provision
      • Design and tech edit
      • Create Visio diagrams
      • Consider proof of concept procedure
      • Develop statement of work
      • Establish price
      • Establish time frame
      • Finalize quote and terms


Once the decision has been made on what the right system environment needs to be, making that happen can take considerable time and energy to get it done right. WEI has the expertise to help its clients get there:

      • Source materials
      • Prepare for build
      • Build solution
      • Update revisions
      • Burn in and test configuration
      • Deliver and install
      • Hand off to client team for deployment