Success is in Store

Do you have the right in-store technology to deliver a best-in-class customer experience?

WEI can help you determine the answer to that question. Combining exceptional retail expertise with state-of-the-art technology, WEI provides pragmatic solutions to complicated challenges that are unique to the modern retailer. WEI’s industry expertise helps you to enable employee collaboration, quickly respond to market conditions and reduce operational IT costs while maximizing the in-store customer experience. As your business further evolves to serve the tech-savvy customer, WEI’s innovative solutions for the retail industry enable you to integrate, automate, succeed, and grow in today’s highly competitive digital world.

Ask us about our experience developing technology solutions that support the following initiatives:

  • Improving the shopper experience with innovative in-store technology and digital signage
  • Secure in-store connectivity solutions
  • Operational efficiencies and cost savings
  • Infrastructure solutions to support shopper analytics and intelligence
  • Systems design, integration, and testing
  • Large-scale rollouts and deployments (nationwide)

Partnering for Innovation – CVS Health and WEI

WEI strives to develop long-lasting relationships with our customers that are built on trust and a dedication to innovation. Learn more about WEI’s collaborative relationship with pharmacy retailer, CVS Health.

CASE STUDY: Retail Data Center in a Box

Learn how WEI developed and deployed a customized solution featuring networking, security and compute to 1,700 retail locations nationwide in less than 6 months.

Exploring Hybrid Cloud Uses Cases and Benefits

There are several use cases unique to retailers that the hybrid cloud can solve. Learn more in the video below.

Find out how our experience working with industry-leading retailers can help solve your toughest technology challenges.