Networking & Security

More Connections Not More Complexity

Managing a secure, reliable network that is flexible to changing demands can be a burden on your budget, your resources, and your ability to keep up with new tools and evolving technologies. Each new application comes with its own set of implications for your network infrastructure, directly impacting total cost of ownership. With your resources booked 8-10 hours a day serving internal clients, how do you effectively manage network reliability and security?

WEI can help you achieve an always-on networking solution that provides peace of mind at the intersection of cloud, mobility, IoT, security, and big data. Our networking experts and certified engineers not only know the technology—they know the products inside and out, and live and breathe best practices. WEI will take the time to understand your IT environment and unique business needs to develop a creative solution that will position your company for success.

With today’s security vulnerabilities it is not enough to simply have a firewall in place in which you punch holes in it for access. You must be inspecting the traffic for viruses, spyware, vulnerabilities and anomalies if you have any hope of preventing a day zero attack. WEI can show you how you can better secure your environment with a single appliance and manage all your security requirements from a single console while substantially lower costs.

Network Based Security

With today’s security vulnerabilities, it’s not enough to simply have a firewall in place and punch holes in it for access. You must inspect the traffic for viruses, spyware, vulnerabilities…

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Wide Area Network

IT organizations need to “right size” their connections using less-expensive WAN transport options without impacting performance security or reliability. WEI uses proven WAN solutions that scale to all sizes over…

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