Internet of Things

Is your enterprise ready for IoT?

Smart devices, sensors and monitoring applications have become the senders and receivers of an avalanche of data. And we’re just at the start of the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution.

WEI can help your organization reap IoT’s potential benefits while protecting it from new risks.

Reaping new insights.

WEI can help organizations identify, implement and benefit from IoT projects.

This includes applications that collect and harness big data to deliver insights about their operations and their customers’ habits.

Global monitoring and reporting.

WEI helps organizations implement or deploy IoT-based applications that more closely monitor and report on employees’ identity-based behaviors, especially as they differ from pre-set corporate policies.

This might encompass employees who access corporate resources from one or more devices.

Reducing the risk of security breach.

End users and workplace environments that use IoT-enabled devices may be inadvertently introducing added risk to the organization. This might come in the form of IoT data that passes through your enterprise’s “protected spaces.” Depending on the type of app or device in use, this could include corporate networks now at higher risk of attack or data breach from a previously unknown IoT source.

From personal Fitbit updates to Smart TVs in corporate conference rooms, WEI can help you evaluate and minimize the impact of such IoT communication frameworks on your own corporate networks.