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Mobility & End User Computing

End User Computing Solutions & Mobility

Your users want the flexibility to do their jobs where they want and on the most productive device possible—whether that’s a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Your organization has the difficult task of meeting those end-user needs without violating enterprise security protocols or compromising confidential data. WEI can help you with your End User Computing Solutions.

WEI’s experience, strategies, and tools will help you navigate, streamline and automate your End User Computing balancing act. The end result will be confidence in your own iron-clad enterprise safeguards and a host of happy and productive end users.

Content & Data Management

Protecting content, no matter where it lives.

In the BYOD revolution, enterprise content and data management practices sometimes take a back seat to end-user freedom of choice.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

At WEI, we provide enterprise solutions able to isolate and protect your sensitive content—independent of the device used to access it. From deployment of mobile device management solutions to BYOD policy definition, you can count on WEI to help you effectively manage and secure your proprietary content, wherever it lives.


Devices. Employees want them. WEI helps you manage them.

These days, your users want to be productive wherever they are, using a choice of one or more devices: smartphones, tablets or traditional laptops/PCs. They want you to give them this level of choice—or they’ll use their own personal devices.

Instead of fighting the BYOD trend, we help enterprise organizations embrace it, while still protecting their own corporate interests.

WEI’s experience ranges from BYOD policy refinement to device lifecycle features, including:

  • Automated device configuration, requisitioning and onboarding according to corporate policy
  • Global device and content management
  • Device, network and data security
  • Delivery and/or development of enterprise-sanctioned apps
  • Geo-location services and remote “wipe” functionality

Identity, Privacy & Data Management

How do you secure data on mobile devices that could be anywhere?

Freedom of movement and access is the cornerstone of the personal device revolution. But, it can also be the Achilles heel for today’s corporate environment.

How do you secure sensitive corporate data accessed from smartphones or tablets? WEI works with you to equip employee devices with the right levels of data/device encryption. From single sign-on mechanisms to remote data wipes, you can count on WEI to help you understand the nuances of each device and the best ways to protect the information that’s on it.

Internet of Things

Is your enterprise ready for IoT?

Smart devices, sensors and monitoring applications have become the senders and receivers of an avalanche of data. And we’re just at the start of the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution.

WEI can help your organization reap IoT’s potential benefits while protecting it from new risks.

Reaping new insights.

WEI can help organizations identify, implement and benefit from IoT projects.

This includes applications that collect and harness big data to deliver insights about their operations and their customers’ habits.

Global monitoring and reporting.

WEI helps organizations implement or deploy IoT-based applications that more closely monitor and report on employees’ identity-based behaviors, especially as they differ from pre-set corporate policies.

This might encompass employees who access corporate resources from one or more devices.

Reducing the risk of security breach.

End users and workplace environments that use IoT-enabled devices may be inadvertently introducing added risk to the organization. This might come in the form of IoT data that passes through your enterprise’s “protected spaces.” Depending on the type of app or device in use, this could include corporate networks now at higher risk of attack or data breach from a previously unknown IoT source.

From personal Fitbit updates to Smart TVs in corporate conference rooms, WEI can help you evaluate and minimize the impact of such IoT communication frameworks on your own corporate networks.

Location Services

It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your
devices are?

Users now have the option to use their devices wherever and whenever they want. That can be both a blessing and a curse, however. When devices are stolen or go missing, what happens to the sensitive corporate data that might be stored on them?

Thankfully, WEI’s experience with leading device protection and mobile device management platforms can help you protect what’s on user devices, track their whereabouts, and even perform a “remote wipe” of the contents, if needed.

Ask us how we can put our expertise in this area to work for your peace of mind.

Mobile App Development

Who has the time or staff to develop mobile apps for your enterprise? WEI does.

Wouldn’t it be great if your company’s application developers could add on just a few more useful apps for managing or monitoring employee devices? Many organizations just have too much on their plates for such nice-to-have extras.

Still, as device requisitions grow, that’s a lot of assets to try and keep track of or manage. Why not ask WEI about our expertise in developing and deploying enterprise-level mobile apps? These cover a number of areas, including:

  • Global asset tracking
  • Device management
  • Enterprise connectivity

Whatever you need, WEI may just have a custom enterprise app that might just be the perfect fit. Try our End User Computing Solutions & Mobility Solutions.

Check our Datacenter manager APP BAC

Personal Cloud

Employees want to use personal cloud apps? Not a problem.

One of the big benefits of personal devices is their access to a slate of innovative, third-party services that help your end-user productivity. From storage-as-a-service, online file sharing, or web-based office productivity apps, your users are going to want to comingle their own personal and productivity apps on the same device as your enterprise apps.

As part of our device lifecycle management services, WEI can deploy devices with only company-approved personal apps and your own enterprise apps as a routine part of your employee onboarding process.

We can also help you refine and monitor your BYOD policies regarding the secure use of corporate-approved personal apps.

Enterprise Device Services

Take the risk and headache out of device requisitioning, configuration and replacement.

Move your employees from a BYOD free-for-all. This is where they go online or down to the local box store to order their own devices, get their own replacement parts or even place their own cloud app subscriptions.

WEI provides custom, end-to-end device care that puts your organization back in control. You want end-user devices accessing your network to adhere to your enterprise-approved standards. We help make that happen. Our enterprise device services include:

  • Custom, web-based requisitioning for employee devices are already approved by your company
  • Device deployment with standard corporate image, user domain/device integration, antivirus, encryption, VPN, security/data protection, custom applications, and/or cloud subscription services
  • Enterprise-focused, secure, compliant device repair and/or replacement
  • Device asset management and tracking
  • Device lifecycle management
  • Enterprise fleet forecasting and budgeting


Virtual desktops are transforming the enterprise.

WEI can help you avoid the hurdles to VDI success.

Whether you’re planning to deploy thin desktops based on Citrix XenDesktop or VMware Horizon View, it pays to know the big and small infrastructure details that can mean the difference between end-user satisfaction and frustrating performance delays.

WEI’s experience in planning, designing and implementing successful virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) projects can help you avoid costly mistakes that can derail your own virtual desktop implementations. These might include:

  • Inaccurate environment sizing that contributes to bottlenecks
  • Potential performance issues, such as boot storms
  • Incorrect architecture or usage of flash technology
  • Often-overlooked network or storage requirements for VDI

If you’re making the switch to thin desktops, trust WEI as the partner that will help you smoothly navigate your organization’s transition. Ask us about our End User Computing Solutions