Mobility & End User Computing

Merging Freedom With Enterprise Safeguards

Your users want the flexibility to do their jobs where they want and on the most productive device possible—whether that’s a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Your organization has the difficult task of meeting those end-user needs without violating enterprise security protocols or compromising confidential data.

WEI’s experience, strategies, and tools will help you navigate, streamline and automate your End User Computing balancing act. The end result will be confidence in your own iron-clad enterprise safeguards and a host of happy and productive end users.

Content & Data Management

In the BYOD revolution, enterprise content and data management practices sometimes take a back seat to end-user freedom of choice. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. At WEI,…

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These days, your users want to be productive wherever they are, using a choice of one or more devices: smartphones, tablets or traditional laptops/PCs. They want you to give them…

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Identity, Privacy & Data Management

Freedom of movement and access is the cornerstone of the personal device revolution. But, it can also be the Achilles heel for today’s corporate environment. How do you secure sensitive…

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Internet of Things

Smart devices, sensors and monitoring applications have become the senders and receivers of an avalanche of data. And we’re just at the start of the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution….

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Location Services

Users now have the option to use their devices wherever and whenever they want. That can be both a blessing and a curse, however. When devices are stolen or go…

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Mobile App Development

Wouldn’t it be great if your company’s application developers could add on just a few more useful apps for managing or monitoring employee devices? Many organizations just have too much…

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Personal Cloud

One of the big benefits of personal devices is their access to a slate of innovative, third-party services that help your end-user productivity. From storage-as-a-service, online file sharing, or web-based…

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Enterprise Device Services

Move your employees from a BYOD free-for-all. This is where they go online or down to the local box store to order their own devices, get their own replacement parts…

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WEI can help you avoid the hurdles to VDI success. Whether you’re planning to deploy thin desktops based on Citrix XenDesktop or VMware Horizon View, it pays to know the…

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