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Data Center

Data Center Virtualization Boston

WEI helps companies simplify and streamline complex data center issues, both existing now and potentially in the future, by identifying the right infrastructure. The data center infrastructure has many layers and even more moving parts. From virtual operations to private cloud and its underpinning hardware, WEI is there with the latest architectures and best practices to ensure highly efficient data center operations. Whatever the data center project, whatever the application need, WEI experts combine best-of-breed solutions with deep field knowledge for the success and transformation of the data center environment.


Your data center is a finely tuned machine.
We’ll help you keep it that way.

Despite the move to more sophisticated virtual application and software layers, every data center still relies on its underlying hardware. But, sometimes, it can be difficult to keep up with the hardware needs of your data center.

That’s where WEI comes in. WEI experts are well versed in the latest, best-in-class hardware solutions for everything from compute, storage and networking to the best rack-and-power configurations. Focused on density, cost-efficiency and ease of use, WEI can help you architect and deploy the best hardware fit for your next-generation data center.

As part of our Break/Fix services, we have engineers on hand to assist you in a timely manner with equipment parts and warranty parts replacement. WEI makes it a priority to maintain a constant inventory of parts from major manufacturers. This means we can most likely provide you with a spare part from our inventory on the same day, if needed, while the warranty part is ordered.


Big data. Analytics. MPP engines. HPC.

Advanced applications need the right horsepower for rapid processing. WEI can help you get it right.

Getting the infrastructure just right to support your most demanding applications is part art and part science. WEI can help you strike the right balance when it comes to one of the most crucial parts: the virtual and physical compute/server elements most responsible for rapid-fire processing.

As part of our services, WEI offers deep expertise in virtualization, big data, massively parallel processing (MPP) and high-transaction environments. This includes best practices and knowledge of proven architectures surrounding the optimal combination of compute, server, storage and network resources to guarantee the best application performance.

When it comes to your critical application performance tuning or deployment, why go it alone? Let us share our expertise with you to ensure a successful end-user experience.


Your network is your digital nervous system.

WEI can help keep it running smoothly.

Networked infrastructures are a fact of life in the modern data center, yet the underlying network supporting all your data traffic may not always get the attention it deserves.

Whether you’re updating applications or planning new ones, WEI can help ensure you pay close attention to specific network hardware and software requirements. From switches and routers to VLANs and more sophisticated software-defined networking options, WEI offers deep expertise in the best practices and recommended network architectures to support even the most stringent enterprise applications.

Ask our advice on your next network-related project.


Storage is your most costly investment.

WEI can help you make the most of it.

Enterprise storage is a necessary foundation for any advanced data center. You need to know that you’re using it effectively. From right-sized provisioning to ongoing storage management, WEI experts can help streamline your current systems.

We can also advise you on the best steps to take to move from IT siloes to next-generation, consolidated storage. WEI can plan, architect and deploy the right storage for your next data center project—from stand-alone appliances to software-defined storage solutions that combine compute, storage and network components into one integrated whole.

Whether it’s tips on best practices or proven storage architectures for everything from virtual applications to complex database or analytics systems, WEI experts will be happy to share our storage knowledge with you to ensure your optimal outcomes.

Rack and Power

Build a dense, power-efficient data center.

From server racks to UPS and PDU, WEI is here to help.

Server racks and power supplies may not be exciting, but they represent the lifeblood and physical blueprint of the modern data center.

Your data center’s power efficiency, cost savings and green footprint often rely on the smart architecture of these smallest physical details. This is where WEI’s experience in architecting and deploying data center solutions can prove invaluable. We can help you determine the best server racks and associated power supplies to meet the needs of your growing data center.

Whether you need one part or a complete overhaul, WEI offers a constant inventory of parts from major manufacturers and can most likely provide you with a spare part from our inventory on the same day, if needed, while a warranty part is being ordered.

With extensive field experience and a solid reliance on best practices and best-of-breed solutions, WEI experts can help ensure your data center’s rack and power systems will be ready for any challenge.

Backup & Recovery

Need to boost backup and recovery efforts?

WEI can advise you on all your options.

In the age of virtualization, new choices exist for backup and recovery. From purpose-built hardware appliances to new software and off-site recovery options, you have a world of choice at your fingertips. So there’s no reason to delay when it comes to ensuring the successful recovery of your mission-critical applications.

Why force yourself to wade through all the choices on your own? WEI can help evaluate your options for backup and recovery, based on your organization’s own RTO and RPO needs. We can also assess the strengths and weaknesses in your current backup/recovery architecture while helping to advise, architect and deploy any suggested changes.

You may be able to delay other application work, but preventing disasters is a different story. You always want to take good care of your backup and recovery.

Disaster Recovery

Count on WEI.

Disasters are stressful. Disaster preparedness doesn’t have to be. Especially when you use WEI for disaster recovery.

Disaster recovery can be a costly proposition, but it’s not as costly as a disaster that strikes when your organization is unprepared. And, we’re not just talking about acts of nature.

Any disaster, big or small, that halts the use of your company’s mission-critical applications can have grave implications for your customers, partners and employees. To minimize the impact, WEI offers the latest practices, methods and solutions for backup and disaster recovery (DR).

You can count on WEI to bolster your disaster recovery architecture from multiple levels, including the definition of specific RTO and RPO criteria per application, in-depth DR assessments, planning, architecture, deployment and ongoing DR testing.

If you want to know how well your DR plans will stand up to a real disaster, why not ask WEI to check them out?

Application Development

Need to develop applications but don’t have the resources? Now you do.

Applications are supposed to give your company a competitive edge in the market. But, without the resources to build or customize the applications you need, what are you supposed to do? Here’s one idea: Contact WEI.

WEI is not just involved in the business of evaluating, planning and deploying commercial software and hardware. We also have the skills and expertise to plan, develop and deploy the right custom applications to deliver the best possible results. We can even help extend your enterprise with mobile application development.

Find out what we can do to address your top application needs. You’ll be glad you did!


Time to collapse your IT siloes?

WEI can help you carve a path to smooth, seamless data center consolidation.

The need to consolidate your IT resources can occur at multiple levels—from individual servers to direct-attached storage to whole data centers that may now need to be streamlined or combined.

Regardless of the size of your consolidation project, WEI experts can help you effectively plan, architect, migrate and consolidate your critical application data sets—from legacy, siloed systems to greener and more cost-effective, next-generation or converged infrastructures.

Data Center Services

From modernization to complete migration, WEI has you covered.

A lot is happening in today’s data center. You may be considering everything from consolidation to advanced virtualization, and maybe even a move to a private or hybrid cloud architecture.

Whatever your data center needs, WEI’s services include data center assessment, planning, architecture, deployment and migration. With deep expertise in data center best practices and the latest in next-generation architectures, WEI can help take your data center operations to the next level.

Do you have specific hardware needs? Ask us how WEI can help.

We can manage your Datacenter Virtualization Boston