Big Data Analytics

A shorter path to your own analytics wins.

Success with big data analytics means getting the little details right. Fortunately, WEI is well versed in the little details and unique infrastructure needs of today’s leading analytics platforms.

Support for top platforms.

Do your big data plans include the use of Pivotal, Hortonworks or some other Hadoop platform for analytics?

Whatever the platform, whatever the industry—retail, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing—WEI has you covered with our broad range of technical expertise.

Performance you can count on.

Depend on WEI to get the details right, a key factor in your analytics platform’s ability to deliver:

      • Low latency
      • High performance
      • Always-on availability
      • Optimal security
      • Elasticity to scale up or out as your big data needs change


WEI accelerates your path to real-time insight.

Getting critical infrastructure details right readies you for early analytics “wins.” WEI helps with the details surrounding the proper use of software, compute clusters, networking, storage, and even turnkey appliances.

To ensure a smoother, accelerated path to your own real-time insights, why not put WEI’s expertise to work in the little infrastructure details surrounding your big data analytics platform? You’ll be glad you did.