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Big Data

Big Data Infrastructure to Power your Enterprise Analytics

WEI can simplify and speed your time-to-value.

Success with big data deployments is a bit like creating high-performance engines for the Indy 500. Many components must be carefully chosen, honed and integrated before you successfully reach the finish line.

WEI experts can do the same for your own big data projects. We help you investigate, recommend and deploy the right analytics platform, with the right data center infrastructure, at the right time—all powered by the right, underlying engine to reach your own, current and future “finish line” goals for analytics.

In short, we help make the complex simple.

Big Data Analytics

A shorter path to your own analytics wins

Success with big data analytics means getting the little details right. Fortunately, WEI is well versed in the little details and unique infrastructure needs of today’s leading analytics platforms.

Support for top platforms

Do your big data plans include the use of Pivotal, Hortonworks or some other Hadoop platform for analytics? Whatever the platform, whatever the industry—retail, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing—WEI has you covered with our broad range of technical expertise with big data solutions.

Performance you can count on

Depend on WEI to get the details right, a key factor in your analytics platform’s ability to deliver:

  • Low latency
  • High performance
  • Always-on availability
  • Optimal security
  • Elasticity to scale up or out as your big data needs change


WEI accelerates your path to real-time insight

Getting critical infrastructure details right readies you for early analytics “wins.” WEI helps with the details surrounding the proper use of software, compute clusters, networking, storage, and even turnkey appliances.

To ensure a smoother, accelerated path to your own real-time insights, why not put WEI’s expertise to work in the little infrastructure details surrounding your big data analytics platform? You’ll be glad you did.

MPP Engine

The real power behind big data analytics

The secret behind successful big data deployments is often how well the underlying engine is built to support the needs of your analytics platform.

Frequently referred to as a “massively parallel processing (MPP) engine,” this system represents a cluster of carefully architected, interlocking compute, network and shared storage resources designed to deliver the high performance, low latency and rapid speeds typically required for successful big data analytics deployments

WEI delivers powerful engines

WEI has experience deploying the underlying MPP engine most suited to your big data analytics needs. This includes the use of technologies or approaches such as:

  • Validated architectures already tuned for big data environments.
  • Options for both turnkey appliances or wider, converged infrastructures.
  • Elastic infrastructures for easy expansion—even from private infrastructures to public services.


Your “core” to analytics success

MPP engines are at the core of your big data architecture. WEI ensures your core delivers exactly what you need:

  • Optimal performance
  • Low latency for fast processing
  • Worry-free availability
  • Iron-clad security

Big Data Services

Big data services for big business outcomes

Successful big data deployments don’t have to be fraught with complexity, confusion, or frustration. It all starts from knowing your business outcomes and then working backward to achieve those goals. This is where WEI’s expertise really shines.

We carefully study your environment and your needs, offer different analytics options, then design, architect and build the infrastructure to best support your analytics platform of choice.

Your big data analytics project can benefit from one or more of the following services:

  • Initial consultation and fact-finding
  • Deeper assessment
  • Recommendations
  • Design and solution development
  • Proof of Concept
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing support


With WEI, you have an experienced, full-service partner working by your side to understand and solve your unique challenges and goals surrounding big data.

Contact us today to talk big data.