Your data center is a finely tuned machine.
We'll help you keep it that way.

Despite the move to more sophisticated virtual application and software layers, every data center still relies on its underlying hardware. But, sometimes, it can be difficult to keep up with the hardware needs of your data center.

That’s where WEI comes in. WEI experts are well versed in the latest, best-in-class hardware solutions for everything from compute, storage and networking to the best rack-and-power configurations. Focused on density, cost-efficiency and ease of use, WEI can help you architect and deploy the best hardware fit for your next-generation data center.

As part of our Break/Fix services, we have engineers on hand to assist you in a timely manner with equipment parts and warranty parts replacement. WEI makes it a priority to maintain a constant inventory of parts from major manufacturers. This means we can most likely provide you with a spare part from our inventory on the same day, if needed, while the warranty part is ordered.

Do you have specific hardware needs? Ask us how WEI can help.