Disaster Recovery

Count on WEI.

Disasters are stressful. Disaster preparedness doesn’t have to be. Especially when you use WEI for disaster recovery.

Disaster recovery can be a costly proposition, but it’s not as costly as a disaster that strikes when your organization is unprepared. And, we’re not just talking about acts of nature.

Any disaster, big or small, that halts the use of your company’s mission-critical applications can have grave implications for your customers, partners and employees. To minimize the impact, WEI offers the latest practices, methods and solutions for backup and disaster recovery (DR).

You can count on WEI to bolster your disaster recovery architecture from multiple levels, including the definition of specific RTO and RPO criteria per application, in-depth DR assessments, planning, architecture, deployment and ongoing DR testing.

If you want to know how well your DR plans will stand up to a real disaster, why not ask WEI to check them out?