Backup Recovery & DR

Update and Simplify Business Continuity

Business Continuity strategies have been a requirement in IT operations for decades. The need to back up and restore data is an essential requirement in all data centers. With concerns over cybersecurity on the rise, the need for a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan has never been more important, and more options than ever now exist to implement an effective DR plan, even for the smallest IT operations.

The ability to back up to different media, be it tape, disk, or a Public Cloud offering, is essential, with Service Level Agreements driving low Recovery Time Objectives and minimal data loss (Recovery Point Objectives), while still demanding 7-year retention of data. Backing up to disk can provide a short RTO and RPO, but may not be the answer for long-term retention. Tape may address long-term retention but not provide the restore capacities your SLAs demand. Add Disaster Recovery Plans to the strategy, and the RTO/RPO requirements defined in your Business Continuity plans, and you have even more to consider. How do you find a happy medium for your business?

The software used to manage your Business Continuity strategies has changed over the years, just as the media used for recovery has. Many of the solutions available have the capabilities to manage the backup and recovery of data as well as replication and recovery. Backup as a Service (BaaS) may address part of your continuity requirements, and be part of your solution.

WEI has been helping our customers update and simplify their Business Continuity strategies—proving that it is possible to meeting aggressive SLAs with short RTO and RPO windows. Is it time for WEI to help you update your Business Continuity plans?