Automation & Efficiency

Realize More Efficiency and Control

Since 2002, virtualization has enabled server consolidation to contain physical-server sprawl and provided the ability to use compute resources. This caused a major shift in data center operations that affected how applications were deployed, how recovery plans were created, and how infrastructure was scaled. Having a Virtual Infrastructure, the foundation of the Private Cloud, is now a common and efficient way to run a data center.

Even with the efficiency of a Virtual Infrastructure, customers are still looking to do more with the resources they have. What are the key factors that can assist in enhancing the capabilities of the infrastructure, allowing IT to become an even more proactive business enabler?

Consistency, efficiency, lifecycle management, and the ability to understand the cost of running applications are all important. So are orchestration and automation of process. IT professionals need to review internal processes and consider the various cost models for Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud to understand how to ensure the cost efficiency of data center operations.

WEI has been helping our customers improve the efficiency of their data centers, while ensuring consistency and lifecycle management for the applications that make their businesses successful. Is it time for WEI to help you realize more control and efficiency in your IT operations?