Complete Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Virtualization solutions deliver some of the most compelling results of any technology available today—making over-provisioning for servers, storage, networking, and desktops a thing of the past. WEI offers complete virtualization solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Automation & Efficiency

Since 2002, virtualization has enabled server consolidation to contain physical-server sprawl and provided the ability to use compute resources. This caused a major shift in data center operations that affected…

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Backup Recovery & DR

Business Continuity strategies have been a requirement in IT operations for decades. The need to back up and restore data is an essential requirement in all data centers. With concerns…

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End User Computing (VDI)

Although virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs) have been around for quite a while, the solution seems to be experiencing its highest surge in popularity and demand right now. VDI has different…

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Software Defined Networking

SDN has the capability of improving network performance, automating the provisioning of networks and providing better security through micro-segmentation. SDN technologies such as Cisco ACI and VMware’s NSX at first…

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Virtualized Infrastructure

Since 2002, virtualization has provided a tool that has enabled server consolidation to contain physical server sprawl and provide the ability to utilize compute resources. The reduction in the number…

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